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We introduce you some of the Mediterranean species of fish, which are usually included in our catch.

(Phonetic pronunciation is provided as a guide. To use it correctly you need to

read the word in Latin and stress it on the punctuation given)


Yellow tail fish

Pronounced: maya`tiko

It is an ocean fish that appears after April. Its body is grey - light blue on the back with a yellow line on the side. It can be found more than 1,50 m and over 50 kilos. It lives in schools in deep waters with sandy or rocky areas. Fishing with troll. A tasty grilled fish.



Pronounced: rοfo`s

It is a rockfish with weight until 50 kilos. We usually do underwater fishing for the bigger sizes. Delicious meat for fish soup.




Pronounced: sinagri`da

A tasteful fish in different sizes, though we can find it even in 8 kilos. It is a beautiful and strong fish, well known as the “queen”. It is red, living in very deep waters around shoals. We fish it with loglines, troll and nets. Grilled with lemon and oil, this is a favourite dish for fish-eaters.



Pronounced: lithri΄nilithrini

This fish is living in the clear sea in 50m –160m of depth around rocky or sandy areas. It has a light pink to red colour on the back, which is lighter on the sides with a white-coloured stomach area. The size is approximately 60cm but the majority of pandora fish are 20cm-30cm. Served grilled.


Red Mullet

Pronounced: barbu`ni

It is a middle-sized rockfish (10cm –40cm) with pure red colour, characterized by whiskers and white and red scales in its stomach area. It is living in schools in less than 100m depths some of them in sandy areas, but we also find rockfish species. It is usually served fried, but you can have it grilled as well.


Gilthead Sea Bream

Pronounced: tsipu`ra

It is living in deep waters from June throughout the summer and approaches the shores in May and September. It has a short head and silver sides with soft pink tones and golden lines. The eyes are high on the head and it has a pointed tail. It is delicious and very popular fish.



European Sea Bass

Pronounced: lavra`ki

The fisherman’s best shot! It is living in shallow waters and prefers the areas, which combine sand and the rocks. Sometimes, the ideal conditions in the Greek sea are convenient to the fish to be developed in bigger sizes. Served grilled.



Common Sea Bream

Pronounced: fagri`

It lives in rocky or sandy areas of the ocean in depth from 30 m to 250 m with weight until 15 kilos. It has a flat body with red colour on the back and pink sides with golden or silver lines and a white-silver colour on the stomach area. The fins are pink or red. It looks like the gilthead, pandora fish and dentex, but it is more precious in value, as it can be rarely caught.


White Sea Bream

Pronounced: sargo`s

It is frequent where the gilthead lives, in very deep waters and rocky areas. The common sea bream can be approximately 40cm and over a kilo. It has narrow stripes on the silver sides and a black spot in the fins and the tail. It lives in schools and prefers the rocky areas with sea herbages. It is a tasty fish, which is cooked in many ways.


Saddled Sea Bream

Pronounced: melanu΄ri

A delicious middle sized fish, approx 20-30 cm. It lives in deep sandy areas and near to rocks. It has a beautiful silver colour, big eyes and a black spot on the root of its tail. It has a great nourishing value. Served grilled.


Scorpion Fish

Pronounced: skorpis

A rockfish with a great taste. It has a lot of thorns and its pinch can be dangerous. It can be cooked as a delicious soup or as “Bourtheto”, based in a traditional Corfiot recipe.


Grey mullet

Pronounced: kphalos

We find it all year round. It has long scales and flat body. It has a grey colour with blue lines. It is living near the surface of the sea and it is frequent in sandy shores. Served grilled.



Pronounced: xiphi΄as

The swordfish is a fish hunter and very aggressive. They live in a depth of water where the temperature is about three degrees Celsius. In these circumstances, they increase the temperature of their eyes at 20 degrees, which allows the fish to distinguish moving objects seven times better. The swordfish steak grilled is a very delicious meal.



Pronounced: chtapo΄di

Octopus is familiar to everyone. A big head and 8 tentacles equipped with double suckers. The colour is grey or brown sometimes with yellow lines. The sizes are various and we can find it weighing up to 20 kilos. A beautiful “meze” in vinegar.





Pronounced: Astako΄s

Lobster offers the most delicious dish for the gourmands. It is red with nippers living in very deep waters through the rocks. We can find it in 500 grams and if we are lucky, up to 2 kilos. Fishing for lobster is not allowed during their propagation.

If you wish a special meal, we recommend to you the “lobster Pastitsada”, which is based on a traditional Corfiot recipe. 

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